Monday, November 1, 2010

Selvasanthiran dipukul dalam tahanan.

Suaram: Selva beaten in police custody

Human rights group Suaram has claimed today that detainee K Selvasanthiran was "beaten, kicked and punched" by police officers since he was arrested last Monday on a drug charge.In a statement faxed to the press this afternoon, Suaram coordinator E Nalini said Selvasanthiran , told his wife Saraswathy who visited him this morning, that he was having hearing problems after being allegedly badly assaulted during his first two days in detention.

She had visited him at the Kuala Lumpur contingent police headquarters at 10.30am, accompanied by Suaram representatives and lawyer Adlan Hadi."During his one week of detention, he was brought to the hospital once, but didn't get proper medical attention," said Nalini.She added that the detainee was not "fully conscious" for the first two days of detention, and was taken to hospital only after his cell-mate alerted police officers.Lawyers, she said further, are currently preparing a habeas corpus application over Selvasanthiran's detention.

Complaint to be lodged

The family, meanwhile, will be lodging a complaint against the police for the alleged assault against Selvasanthiran.Police were initially reluctant to allow the family to see the detainee, but later relented after "much noise" was made.Selvasathiran is currently detained under the Dangerous Drugs Act (DDA- Special Preventive Measures), which provides for 60 days detention without trial.

Following that, the Home Minister can issue a detention order which entitles the detainee to appear before a court to argue his or her release. Without the court's release, the suspect can be held for successive two-year intervals.Less than 12 hours before his arrest under the Act, the coroner's court had delivered an open verdict for the inquest into the death of R Gunasegaran who had died in police custody in 2009.
At the inquest, Selvasanthiran had testified that he saw a police officer kick the deceased in the chest.His wife claims that Selvasanthiran was handcuffed and then beaten up in front of her and their children when the police arrested him at his home on Monday night.

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