Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1israel =1Malaysia=????=Zahid "mosad" Hamidi

tertarik dengan tulisan Ibnu Hasyim (klik sini) berkenaan 'kebetulan' gagasan 1israel dan 1Malaysia

barangkali Zahid "mosad" Hamidi, selaku menteri pertahanan, naib presiden umno nomor 1, pergi bertemu dengan pm zionis israel, benjamin "bibi" nentanyahu atau menteri perang israel, ehud barak, agaknya untuk menyampaikan ucapan kasih budi mesra dari kerajaan BN terhadap kegemilangan gagasan One Israel yang agaknya menjadi sumber ilham tercetusnya idea
One Malaysia.


  1. Najib najis
    tapi nasjis Najib
    lagi najis.

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  3. Salam Singgah,

    Politik yang memalukan... Mencetuskan sangsi rakyat seluruh Malaysia (1Malaysia!)

  4. dua kepala negara yang memang satu kepala!

  5. Razak - started racial politics and malay supremacy

    Mahathir - started cronyism and corruption and ISA politic

    Badawi - started sleeping culture and half pass six nepotism

    Najib - start sex and killing politics

  6. About time this Muhyiddin the idiot, damn right needs a tight slap! He has been so irritating, talking too much nonsense and confusing everybody!

  7. Maybe BN will destroy every bridge before the by-election and promise to build new one if only BN wins.

  8. I totally agree with Utusan this time around!

    Yes, the malays are a bunch of very yellow ayam because they allow their Umno politicians to screw them alive since independence and till today still did not realize it!

  9. I hate malay pig so much in my life
    If all malay pig jump into sea and all die
    This world will become very very beautiful

  10. Hello Najib! Malaysians are not stupid as you think!

    You are the biggest corrupted UMNO goon walking freely and the solid proof that MACC is a bias, farce and practice selective prosecution!

    Ask MACC to charge you in court for raking 400 million and the court send you to jail. Then we will believe whatever rubbish you said!